Adtec Digital Embeds Zixi into their EN Series Encoder and RD Series Decoder

Combined solution enables reliable, secure, high quality content contribution and distribution over IP.

Waltham, Massachusetts - (April 8, 2015)

Zixi, the industry leader of live broadcast-quality video delivery over public and private IP networks to any device, anywhere, at any time, and Adtec Digital, manufacturer of premium quality head-end and edge products to the Broadcast and Digital Television markets, announce that Adtec Digital is embedding Zixi Feeder™ and Zixi Receiver™ into their EN series encoders and RD series decoders enabling broadcast quality video delivery over IP using Zixi-Link™.

“Broadcasters are looking for ways to streamline costs while extending their reach and delivery of broadcast quality video for contribution, distribution, and backup over IP securely. Using Zixi is key to helping our customers achieve those goals,” stated Michele Niec, communications director for Adtec Digital. “Embedding Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver into our encoders and decoders allows our customers to realize the benefits of sending high quality video securely, over any distance, using Zixi and Zixi-Link over managed and unmanaged internet connections.”

“Adtec Digital has been recognized by the broadcast market as the premier provider of encoders and decoders,” added Ray Thompson, vice president Product Marketing at Zixi. “Zixi is happy to be adding Adtec Digital to the Zixi EcoZystem of partners who have embedded Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver enabling broadcasters and media companies to deliver content contribution and distribution at satellite and fiber operating metrics with internet based economics and availability.”

Adtec Digital will be using the Zixi SDK to embed Zixi Feeder into their EN series encoders and will be embedding Zixi Receiver into their RD series decoders. Customers can now leverage this integration to form a Zixi-Link, a point–to-point or multi-point to multi-point connection to send broadcast quality video over any distance between Zixi enabled Adtec devices. Zixi-Link can be used for contribution, distribution, satellite backup, disaster recovery, live event production, and linear channel delivery over a standard internet connection.
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