Adtec Demonstrates Multiple Solutions at NAB Show 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada - (April 20, 2016)

Offering solutions for today's broadcast needs and opening opportunities for tomorrows requirements, Adtec Digital demonstrated advancements in current product lines and displayed a new platform for future solutions.

Exhibiting an extension of their proven encoding solutions, Adtec launched their newest contribution class encoder, the EN-210 at NAB this year. Capable of supporting the most demanding video applications, the EN-210 offers a multi-CODEC, flexibile, interoperable and feature rich device with support for high definition AVC and MPEG2 encoding. Also on display was the EN-31 dual channel multi-CODEC encoder. The EN-31 is ideal for ATSC, DVB and ISDB applications requiring IP, ASI and DVB-S/S2 RF transport. On the receiver side, the RD-71 product series expanded to include a new DVB-S2X model. Supporting modes ranging from QPSK up to 64APSK with multi‐stream ISI capabilities, the RD71-PRX model is immediately available for DVB-S2X reciever needs.

Adtec also previewed their new afiniti™ product line, the first on Adtec's new hardware & software platform. Designed with industry evolution in mind, this platform enables high-demand dense solutions and provides an easy path toward growth and expansion. The afiniti™ products bridge proven Adtec solutions with new technologies in a modular platform. Initial product offerings include AVC encoding and robust audio options with HEVC encode and decode solutions to follow.
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