Legacy List

Products are discontinued for a variety of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology.

Adtec ProductDiscontinued
End-of-Service (EOS)Replacement Suggestion
Active 64-1601/01/0101/01/04signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Ad-Maestro (Analog)01/01/0001/01/03None
Ad-Maestro (Digital)01/01/0101/01/04None
CBD Boards01/01/0101/01/04None
DTA305011/01/1911/01/21Modular Rackmount Multiplexer
DTA305111/01/1511/01/18Modular Rackmount Multiplexer
DTA3250, 325406/01/0706/01/10None
Duet, Duet-SDI11/01/0711/01/10None
Edje 1010, 1012 ,1013, 101506/01/0706/01/10signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Edje 2000, 2100, 2110, 220001/01/0901/01/12EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
edje 300012/31/0412/31/07Modular Rackmount Multiplexer
edje 300112/31/0412/31/07None
edje 4000, 401012/31/1012/31/13edje 4010-ASI (Limited Supply)
edje 411105/01/1505/01/18signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Edje-L11/01/0711/01/10RD-71 10-bit 1080P Receiver / Decoder
edje5110-RM12/31/1012/31/13EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
EN-100, EN100/IF, EN100/LB, EN100/IF/LB/10M7/01/167/01/19EN-200 1080P AVC Low Latency Encoder
EN-20 (MP2 Option) 11/15/1711/15/19EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
EN-20 (MP4 Option) 11/1/1911/1/21EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
EN-301/01/161/01/19EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
EN-31 (MP2 Option) 11/15/1711/15/19EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
EN-4012/01/1312/01/16EN-210 Multi-Codec 10-bit Encoder
EN-80, EN-80-LB & EN-80-IF05/01/1505/01/18EN-210 Multi-Codec 10-bit Encoder
EN-8102/01/1802/01/20EN-210 Multi-Codec 10-bit Encoder
EN-81-LB & EN-81-IF03/01/1603/01/19EN-210 Multi-Codec 10-bit Encoder
EN-81-LB-10M05/01/1305/01/16EN-210 Multi-Codec 10-bit Encoder
EN-9107/01/1807/01/20EN-200 1080P AVC Low Latency Encoder
EN-91-LB & EN-91-IF03/01/1603/01/19EN-200 1080P AVC Low Latency Encoder
EN-91-LB-10M05/01/1305/01/16EN-200 1080P AVC Low Latency Encoder
EN-91-P01/01/1501/01/18EN-200 1080P AVC Low Latency Encoder
Future Tel Encoders (all)01/01/0001/01/03None
HDMI2QAM01/01/1201/01/15EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
IF-01 and LB-01 Modulator Modules(previously avail on EN-100 models)02/02/1602/02/19EN-200 1080P AVC Low Latency Encoder
IPTV Manage06/30/0906/20/12None
Lite-Ning01/01/0201/01/05signEdje™ HD Signage Player
MagicBox VIP06/01/0706/01/10None
mediaHub Pro 02-S03/01/1303/01/16None
mediaHUB-HD 42212/31/1012/31/13EN-210 Multi-Codec 10-bit Encoder
mediaHUB-HD Pro12/31/1012/31/13EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
mediaHUB-HD Pro-0211/01/1611/01/18EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder
mediaHUB, mediaHUB-FW (Ingest)06/30/0806/30/11None
Mirage11/01/0711/01/10signEdje™ HD Signage Player
MPEG 2 Encoder 1-5 (Optibase)01/01/0001/01/03None
RD-6011/20/1501/01/19RD-71 10-bit 1080P Receiver / Decoder
RD-701/01/161/01/19RD-71 10-bit 1080P Receiver / Decoder
signEdje-HD05/01/1505/01/18signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Soloist 101/01/9901/01/02signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Soloist211/01/0711/01/10signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Soloist2S, Soloist2S-SDI11/01/0711/01/10None
Soloist4111-HD01/01/0901/01/12signEdje™ HD Signage Player
SoloistHD-Pro12/01/1612/01/18signEdje™ HD Signage Player
Studio Encoder 7-8 (Vela)01/01/0701/01/10None
TBGS Server6/01/196/01/21None
Telecaster 101/01/0001/01/03None
Telecaster 4-A01/01/9901/01/02signEdje™ HD Signage Player
YUV2QAM01/22/1501/22/18EN-31 Dual Channel AVC Encoder

End-of-Life Policy

  • Adtec will provide notice on our website of the affected product's end of life date.
  • Access to Adtec’s technical support will be available through the purchase of a Legacy SLA for a period of 3 years from the end of life date for hardware and operating system software issues and for a period of 1 year from the end of life date for application software issues and firmware upgrades. Documentation and downloads for end of life products will remain available on our website.
  • Access to Adtec’s product repair center will be available for a period of 2 years from the end of life date for hardware repair through purchase of a Legacy SLA. Adtec will make our best effort to have replacement parts available, however replacement part availability is not guaranteed.
  • Initial product orientation will be available for a period of 3 years from the end of life date for hardware and operating system software and for a period of 1 year from the end of life date for application software issues and firmware upgrades.
  • Purchases made after the products end of life date are subject to the end of life policy.
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