Adtec Digital Leads the Way for LTN Global Communications Transport Network

People want information yesterday. Hungry for news now, TV viewers expect the most up-to-date live news coverage. To ensure all are sent to major broadcasters almost instantaneously with superior caliber, LTN Global trusts Adtec Digital's EN-91 as part of their live video transport network.

"LTN often uses Adtec's EN-91 as part of its solution for delivery of low latency shots including breaking news and interviews from studios to broadcasters, for the delivery of live broadcasts directly to local TV broadcasters and for video distribution to cable head-ends in the U.S. and internationally," said Malik Khan, LTN Global executive chairman. "Consistent high quality and low latency is critical to the reliability and quality of the LTN live video transport. Adtec helps LTN achieve that goal."

Lilly Broadcasting, a LTN Global communications customer, uses Adtec equipment as part of the LTN service for content distribution. Lilly Broadcasting sends full time channels from Pennsylvania to the Caribbean, including programming from a major network affiliate station and a Caribbean weather channel. "The combination of the Adtec EN-91 and the LTN Global Network has provided Lilly Broadcasting with superior signal quality and reliability for the distribution of our channels. We are extremely satisfied and will continue to expand our channels via the LTN Network," said Jeff Lilly, CIO of Lilly Broadcasting.

Another customer of LTN that uses their live video transport service in conjunction with the Adtec EN-91 is Hero Broadcasting of Miami. Hero Broadcasting owns and operates two full-power television stations and one low-power station distributing several channels including MundoFox and CNN Latino to several major markets in the U.S.

Adtec Digital and LTN Global began a partnership in 2011. LTN Global began using the EN-91 as part of their service and they currently have about 50 EN-91s installed at LTN customer locations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Khan and his colleagues like that Adtec Digital is an "entrepreneurial, fast action company."

"We enjoy and value the partnership we have with LTN," stated Adtec Digital Key Accounts Manager Brian Adair. "Their service and solution has offered many in this business the means to reliably transport their programming. With utilizing the EN-91 ultra-low delay encoder and the LTN service, we provide a low latency, low bandwidth, broadcast quality solution. We look forward to growing this partnership and continuing to deliver on our promise of value, reliability, and support."

"We have a very high growth business, and being able to get equipment on time and resolve issues on time, that kind of flexibility and quick response in our culture is a good match with our needs," adds Khan about Adtec.


About Adtec Digital: Established in 1985, Adtec Digital is a global market leader providing hardware and software solutions for contribution, distribution, studio, commercial insertion and professional video playback applications. Adtec develops equipment and solutions for standard and high definition MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC compression, multiplexing, decoding, ad insertion, playback and data management. Adtec products proudly serve the global broadcast and professional audio-visual markets. Adtec Digital is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with product and development solutions in Jacksonville, Florida. Among other accolades, Adtec Digital is a three-time Superior Technology Award Recipient (STAR) by TV Technology Magazine. For more information, visit

About LTN Global Communications: LTN Global Communications has revolutionized the video transport industry with an innovative, broadcast-quality, IP-based live video delivery service. The service has been widely adopted by major broadcasters, affiliates, and studios for full time, occasional use, contribution and distribution. LTN's unique, patented technology was designed to utilize the power and flexibility of the global cloud without sacrificing convenience, quality and reliability. LTN developed a proprietary, fully managed global network of intelligent super-nodes connected by redundant links from multiple Tier 1 carriers. The network enables instantaneous live video delivery with consistent, flawless quality and 5 9's reliability from anywhere in the world to multiple destinations anywhere else in the world. LTN's
 video transport and delivery service meets stringent performance standards while enabling greater flexibility and lower costs. For more information, visit

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