afiniti Release Notes

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Known Issues

Version 1805_11 - July 19, 2018

Feature Additions:
  1. Encoders: Added Encryption Mode and Key configurations for BISS 1.
  2. MUX: Increased maximum Transport Mux Rate to 210 Mbps. per carrier.

Bug Fixes:
  1. MUX: Added PMT version changes from inputs and encoders. This corrects issue when changing latency and resolutions.
  2. MUX: Added CA descriptor on input PMT and forward to output PMT.
  3. MUX: Added CAT injection.
  4. UI: Improve firmware update modal.
  5. System: Update libwebsockets to 3.0 which now prevents the need to log back in with every browser refresh.

Version 1805_10 - July 10, 2018

Feature Additions:
  1. MUX: Added parameter for setting the output program number per service. Support for this in the web user interface will be in subsequent builds. .

Bug Fixes:
  1. MUX: Added logic to re-anchor PCR on discontinuity, repetition error, or loss of lock.
  2. Encoders: Corrected issue with optical input selection.
  3. Encoders: Increase RTOS packet buffer pool.

Version 1805_09 - June 29, 2018

Initial Release

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