EN-210 Encoder

Adtec’s EN-210 contribution class encoder supports the most demanding video applications offering CODEC flexibility, interoperability and feature richness with support for high definition AVC and MPEG 2 encoding.

The next-generation EN-210 offers premium features and exceeds requirements in its power efficient 1-RU chassis, including redundant power supplies, enhanced control and monitoring via front-panel, browser and SNMP. Video support includes SD/HD AVC encoding with legacy support for MPEG 2. It can process up to sixteen (16) audio channels with comprehensive compression options and concurrently transport via ASI, IP, and RF. Additionally, the EN-210 offers robust IP transport options including; SMPTE 2022 FEC, RTP, UDP, RTMP and Zixi.
Feature Highlights

  • High demand and flexible AVC 4:2:2 & 4:2:0 10-bit video encoding
  • MPEG 2 4:2:2 & 4:2:0 video encoding
  • 3G-SDI via 3G Copper and Fiber SFP Video Interfaces
  • MP1L2, DD, AAC-LC, HE-AAC (2.0 & 5.1)
  • Passthrough Dolby E. LPCM,& DD
  • ASI input for external transport stream multiplexing
  • Simultaneous ASI, RF and Robust IP Transport (SMPTE 2022 FEC, UDP, RTP, RTMP, Zixi Feeder)
With the ability to encode and concurrently transport services via ASI, IP and RF, the
EN-210 offers flexibility and reliability. The DVBS/S2/S2X modulator supports IF and L-band with 10Mhz insertion and DVB-CID. Modes range from QPSK up to 256APSK.

As a Multi-CODEC encoder, the EN-210 continues to suppport your current needs for flexibility.

  • Tier One Sports Contribution via ASI, IP or RF

  • Digital Satellite News Gathering

  • At Home Production

  • Diverse Application Needing AVC and MPEG 2 Flexibility
The EN-210 can be purchased with or without the integrated modulator and offers multiple feature keys for flexibility and future-proofing. Please contact your sales representative for more details about these features and how they can be enabled on your device.

Audio Encoding:
Unique support for MPEG 1 Layer 2, Dolby Digital (AC3) 2.0 / 1.0 / 5.1 modes, AAC-LC, HE-AAC (v1 / v2) & AAC 6.0.
Transport Delivery:
Unique support for ASI-Remuxing, RTMP & Zixi IP Streaming.
Unique support for 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 256APSK, DVB-CID, DVB-S2X & 54Mbaud.

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