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The signEdje is a digital media player for AVC/H.264 and MPEG 2 high and standard definition file playback and IP stream decoding. Whatever your source, the signEdje can automatically scale the content to match your output target up to 1080i60 for outstanding HD playback. With support for decoding muliticast HD content with fall-back drive playout, the signEdje players provide output even on the most challenging networks. Deploy multiple players on the same network and get synchronized playback of your content for stunning displays.

The signEdje can easily be configured using the on-board web-based control application and has front panel LED indicators for current state.

Feature Highlights

  • Supports playout of AVC & MPEG 2 HD files

  • Synchoronized Playback

  • Automatically Scales SD to HD

  • Playlist and Schedule Control

  • Tune into IPTV Networks

The signEdje is a perfect solution for high definition plasma and LCD digital signage or kiosk applications

  • Retail: Impress customers with high definition (HD) retail digital signage and point of purchase advertising.

  • Trade Shows and Museums: Get the detail you need with HD playback on kiosks and interactive displays.

  • Private IP Networks: Stream content to the edje HD over IP for point-to-point or multicast playout.

Now available in (3) storage models:
4GB ( ideal for IP applications )
8GB ( ideal for mixed-media applications )
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