Contribution Experts

Adtec's industry-leading, contribution solutions are used daily around the globe for tier-one live contribution links. Our contribution applications consist of live events such as sports or on-site news reporting.

Contribution Experts

Our offerings include products throughout the transmission chain for end-to-end delivery. With products that are feature rich, easy to use and reliable, Adtec offers the best value in the industry.


Adtec's encoder lineup supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (AVC) compression, the most commonly used compression standard. It has the ability to compress a 3 Gbps signal down to sub 10 Mbps transport stream for maximum efficiency. Combined with encryption and multiple transmission options, Adtec's encoder line-up offers superior quality and flexibility.

Receiver - Decoders

When a transport stream is received by a broadcast network it is often un-compressed back to the original format and re-packaged before it is distributed to the end user.
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