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Support Policy

Adtec Digital values your business and we strive to provide you the very best of service. Adtec Standard Limited Technical support is available during regular business operation hours.

During the life of the each Adtec manufactured product, and for a period extending not less than three years following an End-Of-Life (EOL) notice, Adtec will provide limited technical support assistance to all customers at no charge. Standard Limited Customer Support includes providing technical assistance to diagnose and identify software and hardware not performing to documented specifications and general assistance regarding use and implementation on a limited basis. Adtec's Support Service only provides assistance to inquiries settings or configuration related to our software and hardware. It does not include step-by-step installation or configuration of software and hardware, product training and/or walkthroughs, off-hours support, questions relating to the function of 3rd party applications or systems or networking.

This support is available on a first come, first served basis. Requests are accepted by Telephone (+1 615-256-6619), by email  ( or using our online Request Form.

Adtec, its vendors and licensors make no warranties of any kind with regard to the Technical Support Services provided hereunder. Adtec, its vendors and licensors hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to the technical support services including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event, shall Adtec, its vendors and licensors be liable for (i) any special, indirect or consequential damages or (ii) any damages whatsoever resulting from the loss of use of data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in the connection with the provision of technical support services.

All Services offered are based on a reasonable effort basis with no guarantee of resolution implied or provided.  We will provide technical support on all products, but cannot guarantee resolution for every issue, but our team will make every reasonable effort to do so. Adtec Technical Support Services do not include computer hardware, operating system, third party software and/or network support. These questions should be referred to the support services of the providers of these components.

All problems reported to Technical Support are initially handled by a technician who works with you to identify and (in many cases) solve your reported problem. Once an issue is identified as being within the expertise of Technical Support, resolution of a support issue will be defined as accomplishing any one of the following:

  • Providing a reasonable solution to the issue

  • Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue

  • Determination, by Adtec, that the issue is a product enhancement request and forwarding the request to Product Management for future consideration

  • Escalation of the case/product defect by Technical Support to the Engineering department for review

If the problem is not resolved during the primary contact, the technician assigns a tracking number to the problem and does additional research or might pass it to a specialist.

Due to the complex nature of hardware and software development and operating environments, Adtec cannot guarantee the time that it will take to resolve a problem. In addition, our response times may be affected if a customer fails to provide requested information and/or refuses and/or is unable to provide Adtec with remote access to the customer's relevant network(s) or system(s), as applicable. We make our best effort to resolve problems as expeditiously as possible.

Remote Access Standard Terms


In order to help you resolve technical issues, Adtec may, but have no obligation to, offer remote diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance. Before implementing such remote access we will require your express consent to the following service terms:

  1. You hereby permit Adtec to remotely or directly access and connect to the computer systems, devices and network for the express purpose of providing service. You will cooperate in good faith to enable such connections to occur.

  2. You agree to allow Adtec to use the tools they deem necessary or advisable to perform the service.

  3. You understand that by requesting such assistance, you will be providing Adtec technical support personnel with access to and control of your computer and/or other devices on your network(s). In addition, you may be providing Adtec technical support personnel with access to files that reside on your computer. Be sure to close any confidential or personal files that you may be working on before allowing remote access to your computer. In order to provide the services, Adtec's technical support personnel is not expected to need to make any copies or downloads of your files or to retain any information accessed from your computer. However, diagnostic or application specific files may be collected to help resolve a reported issue. In such instances, Adtec will safeguard such data in the same manner in which we protect our own similar confidential information.



Our Technical Support Services are primarily delivered in English. However, we may also offer services in other languages, when available.



For pre-sales support please contact your Adtec Sales Account Manager

Adtec reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its support offering any time and without notice.

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